First Bricks Removed in Superior Street Construction

Road closures will begin on April 16th.

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s finally here, construction signs and crews are chipping away at Superior Street.

The construction in downtown Duluth is taking place over three years, the city celebrated removing the first bricks.

“We are going to embark on a project that is going to be inconvenient and exciting,” Duluth’s Mayor Emily Larson said. 

On Thursday, the first bricks on Superior Street were removed. The city of Duluth is celebrating the Superior Construction Project, which is ridding of the nearly 30-year-old road.

“It’s going to require some patience, but it’s going to be so celebratory, and we’re going to find ways to mark the celebrations and the milestones as we go along,” Mayor Larson said.

The project will be done in three phases, the first starts at 7th Ave West up to the 3rd Ave West intersection. Construction is also replacing the nearly 85-year-old water system.

City officials say the new system will save water, energy, and lower costs.

“We think about all the infrastructure improvements going on under the street, and then we can think about all the beautiful things that will be happening above the street,” Greater Downtown Council President Kristi Stokes said.

Meanwhile, the stores along Superior Street will remain open throughout construction. The city will be running adds on social media and other platforms to help promote businesses caught up in the construction, but they’re also asking for the community to show downtown Duluth some love.

“Spend your money and your time downtown because these businesses are making significant investments and willing to be inconvenienced because they also see the longterm benefit for this community,” Mayor Larson said.

We spoke with Pizza Luce, whose location won’t be affected during the first phase but delivery drivers will deal with it throughout the long haul.

“We’ll just have to have good communication with the customers and find out how to get there the best way,” general manager Paige Toty said.

The popular Pizza joint isn’t concerned about business, saying customers can park behind the restaurant.

“Renovation in the city is important and needed, it has been needed on Superior Street for a long time so we fully support it, we support Duluth becoming a better city any way we can,” Toty said.

Road closures will begin on April 16th.

For more information on the project visit Superior Street Construction. 

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