Giant Waves Crash on Canal Park Shore During Winter Storm

Spectators Watch Waves Move Over Piers and Under Aerial Lift Bridge

DULUTH, Minn. – The winter storm has made an impressive scene in Canal Park once again.

“We’ve seen some crazy storms out here but this is crazy,” said Alyssa Miketin while watching the waves.

Ten foot high waves crash over the Duluth Harbor breakwater.

“The waves are incredible. In my lifetime, I think I’ve only seen them this big one other time and definitely memorable,” said Louise Ewald in Canal Park.

Wave watchers dot the shoreline taking in the spectacle.

“We wanted to see these massive waves,” said Sydney Binsfield. “We’ve seen it all over Snapchat and it just looks pretty sick.”

Some shoreline areas are taped off and city officials urge people to use caution, but that didn’t stop some spectators from getting close to the water.

“I don’t feel that danger at all. I think it’s worth it to drive down here and look at the waves because they’re – you don’t see stuff like this all the time,” said Morgan Binsfield.

Already damaged by an October storm, the Duluth Lakewalk is taking a pounding from these huge Lake Superior waves.

Covered by a thick layer of ice and snow, it’s impossible to see if more damaged has been done to the Lakewalk in the Canal Park area.

“It’s April,” said Ewald. “You don’t expect winter, you don’t expect big waves, but it’s a blast.”

Spring feeling delayed in the Northland, but the unseasonable change has brought with it what one wave watcher called a “once in a lifetime” view.

“I just am so overwhelmed by the power of Mother Nature and what this lake brings to us in its beauty and its power and its different times throughout the year and I just love it and I’m so happy to live by our lake,” said Miketin.

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