National Weather Service Talks April Storm Numbers

Snow Totals Broke Duluth's Record for April 15th

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – Sunday’s ten-inch snow totals in Duluth broke the 9.7-inch all-time record for April 15th according to the National Weather Service.

Meteorologists there say big April storms like this one are not unheard of but they are pretty rare.

In the hundred-plus year history of the Duluth National Weather Service office, only ten times have twelve inches of snow fallen over two days in April.

“It’s not completely rare to have snow in April but we’re definitely getting towards the end of the season where this is hopefully the last time we’re going to see a foot of snow in this winter,” said Joseph Moore, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

Weather service officials advise the public to stay off the roads for the rest of Sunday night so crews can get them plowed for Monday.

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