Local Businesses Profit from Spring Snowfall

One manager tells FOX21 he's predicting one more winter storm.

DULUTH, Minn.- Although you may be thinking spring, businesses in the Northland are prepared for winter.

It’s no secret, Duluth was covered in snow this morning. One plowing company, ATK Enterprise helped clear away some winter blues on the road. With all hands on deck, the crew started around 1 A.M. Sunday morning.

“We expect it usually through the end of April,” ATK Enterprise manager James Orman said.

The crew plowed nearly 200 locations after the storm. Mother Nature can create a busy schedule and strange hours for workers in this industry.

“Well you have to get used to it and it’s a hit or miss schedule,” Orman said. “It can be a hectic schedule and usually is long nights and long days.”

The manager says a large part of their business is being aware of the weather and also warns he believes another storm will be heading through before some warmer temps.

“We have multiple teams and multiple trucks that are always working throughout Duluth,”Orman said.

Meanwhile, some shops in Duluth have put winter gear away a little too soon before the season.

“It’s unusual but it does happen,” Continental Ski and Bike manager Nikolai Anikin said.

But Continental Ski & Bike has gear for any weather.

“We do have some skis and we have some great deals going on and some ski equipment,” Anikin said.

A wide variety of skis lines the back wall of the continental shop.

“It’s good to be prepared for this contingency, years ago we were skiing in the first week of May, that was pretty unprecedented,” Anikin said.

It’s not too late to pick up a new winter hobby.

“I’ve been cross-country skiing at snowflake Nordic center, they’re still grooming and it’s actually fantastic skiing,” Anikin said.

The owner says winter gear is still being purchased

But people are definitely starting to think bikes,” Anikin said.

During this time of year, outdoor enthusiasts have options. Plus Continental Ski and Bike manager says spring is coming.

“Road biking is really good right now and Spirit Mountain has an all-weather mountain bike trail,” Anikin said.

Although each business profits from winter weather continuing, both managers say they’re hoping for warmer weather.


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