Weekend Storm Outcome

Local businesses both struggled and benefited from the storm

DULUTH, Minn. -It may have been stormy this weekend but it is finally starting to warm up a bit. The snow is quickly turning to slush and the grass is visible once again!

I spoke with some business owners in the area about the impact of the storm, they said was great economically, but not so great for the physical properties.

“I wanna say like 100–120 gallons of water on the floor here. So we just squeegee it out keep the doors shut, put some sand bags. We got it cleaned up five minutes before we opened on Sunday” said Manager of Canal Park Brewing Co, Ari Eilola.

While buildings were damaged, business continued to boom, as a lot of visitors ended up stuck at their hotel waiting for the storm to pass.

“This past weekend the Children’s Mental Health Conference was in town. It was an event folks needed to be here for and that ended up extending a lot of folks stays instead of cancelling them” said Ian Mlakar, Canal Park Lodge Guest Representative.

A warning was issued on Saturday afternoon telling people to stay away from the Lakewalk. That just seemed to draw more curious people down to canal park, hit the local restaurants and shops while checking out the big waves.

There is storm damage to clean up but businesses were packed with customers as the  storm passed through. So a silver lining to a very wet and cold weekend.



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