Ely Couple Embarks On Bike Ride to Washington D.C.

The Freemans Hope to Gather Signatures Against Mining Near The Boundary Waters

An Ely couple biked through Duluth Sunday, and took a pit-stop at Bent Paddle as one of the first breaks in a nearly 2,000 mile bike ride to Washington D.C.

In addition to making the long bike ride, they are also towing a canoe with them the entire journey.

Amy and Dave Freeman say they’re on a mission to protect the area near the Boundary Waters from copper mining, and as the government will be making some important decisions about the issue later this year, they’re collecting signatures against mining on a canoe to take to Capital Hill.

“We really wanted to get the word out about how this area can be protected, we thought ‘well we can hit a lot of population centers this way on our way to D.C.,” said Amy Freeman.

The couple also spent an entire year living in the Boundary Waters and wrote a book about their experience, they’ll be selling that book on the route. They plan to be in Washington D.C. by June 18th.

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