The Twin Ports Gymnastics Trio

Three gymnasts from Superior recently captured top honors at a regional competition.

SUPERIOR — Jack Johnson, Haydn Suske–Funk and Isaak Hopp. These three are coming off a great performance last week in the men’s gymnastics regional competition down in Des Moines, Iowa.

The event features the best athletes from several states. But it was Jack, Haydn and Isaak who took first place, thanks to their work that began at a very young age.

“Ever since I was a young kid, I always like flipping and stuff. I just decided to get into it and I’ve really taken to it,” Johnson said.

“Me and my family would always sit down on the couch that night and we would watch America Ninja Warrior. And I said “Wow! I want to do that!” Then we came here and got me signed up and it just went from there,” said Hopp.

“It started when I was really little. I was doing it off and on for quite a while. I did it at the Ashland gym for a while. Then they stopped offering boys classes for a while so I didn’t do it. And then we decided to make the commitment to drive to Superior. Now I’ve been doing it here for the past five years,” said Suske–Funk.

And their coaches couldn’t be more happy for their athletes to finish their season in first place.

“It made me feel real good. I wanted them to do real good. All of this hard work paid off in the end,” Coach Steve Martin said.

Other coaches include Marcy Merritt and UMD student Nick Mejia, who spends a lot of time with the boys and understands what they go through to get prepared for big events.

“It can be a little chaotic at times. But they are committed and have the passion to keep going. They’ve improved quite a bit since I started coaching here in September,” said Mejia.

The coaches hope that this win can help increase the popularity of boys’ gymnastics, especially in the Twin Ports.

“We’re always trying to get new students and things like that. This will help a lot. There’s a lot of other ones who want to move up. It’s a lot of work,” Martin said.

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