Halted Duluth Seawall Project OK’d After Historic Preservation Concerns

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth’s multi-million dollar seawall reconstruction project has been given the green light to start work up again after questions were raised about the historical significance of the Minnesota Slip, according to the mayor’s office late Wednesday.

This means the State Historical Preservation Office has completed its work and has concluded the seawall reconstruction will not cause adverse effects to the historical integrity of that slip.

This is good news as the tourism season is about to get moving in May for the Vista Fleet and the William A. Irvin.

The city has said this past week that they are making accommodations behind the DECC to make sure Vista boats are not affected by the delayed seawall project.

But as of Wednesday, it was not yet known when the Irvin will be up and running in the slip after the seawall is completed, or if the Irvin can fit through the Minnesota Slip Bridge to operate behind the DECC with the Vista boats.

The DECC’s executive director, Chelly Townsend told FOX 21 earlier this week that she believes the space on each side of the boat between the bridge is around four inches.

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