Emergency Plan Keeps Adoptable Four-Legged Friends Safe

The Douglas County Humane Society was forced to evacuate after the Husky refinery explosion on Thursday.


SUPERIOR, Wis.-  We checked in on our four-legged friends at the Douglas County Humane Society after dealing with evacuating.

The shelter shook on Thursday, after the explosion at the Husky refinery, putting their emergency plan in motion.

The director says the plan has been in place for nearly five years and they never expected to put it to use.

“I was so so happy we had that plan set in place, all their supplies were centrally located so we could just grab them the kennels to set up where we were keeping the animals were right there ready to go,” Douglas County Humane Society director Sheila Kaup said.

The shelter remained closed during the early morning, giving animals a chance to relax. The cats were a little stressed out after the long day but we’re told they’re adjusting and doing just fine.

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