Duluth Wolfpack Dedicate Season to Fallen Teammate

The Duluth lacrosse team are honoring Will Schlotec, who died last summer.

DULUTH — “I remember getting the call late that evening. I’m hearing about it. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t believe it had happened,” head coach Scott Wishart recalls.

“We were all just kind of shocked because he was almost untouchable to us. He was just that kind of guy,” Kale Mosiniak said.

“It was definitely super hard to really wrap your head around. I know everyone really came together, but it definitely was really, really hard,” said Kosta Gomez.

Will Schlotec was one of the top players on the Duluth Wolfpack before he passed away late last summer. Going into this season, the busy practices are filled with memories of the guy many of his teammates described as fearless.

“He was so good. He was super athletic. He was never afraid to do anything or go up against anyone. He was never worried. He was very calm on the field, but he also made sure his voice was heard,” Mosiniak said.

Sophomore Kale Mosiniak was one of Will’s closest friends, and he says for as competitive Will was on the field, he was a compassionate person off the field.

” He would give you the shirt off his back if it meant anything to you. He was always trying to help you and trying to convince you to do stuff that you don’t think you can do,” Mosiniak said.

“Super nice, outgoing guy. Even if he didn’t a leadership role, he always held that leadership role. People could go to him. He definitely made himself an approachable guy,” said Gomez.

“I remember going in the hallway, and every time I saw him in the hallway. We’d smile at each other. And that kid had a smile. It felt like something just disappeared. Everyone’s heart on this team was just gone. He was just one great kid,” senior Tharald Kimball said.

About two weeks ago before their game against Grand Rapids, the team held a special ceremony, honoring Will by bringing out his jersey to center field.

“We want to do everything we can to honor Will and the impact that he had on players, on peers, on students. And we want to do everything we can to be respectful to everything he stood for, the values he brought, the determination and the love that he had for this sport and life,” coach Wishart said.

“I think it definitely moved us, too. It gave a boost of energy to everyone and really put more meaning to that game,” said Gomez.

And the Wolfpack decided to dedicate this season to Will, which has galvanized the team to a 3–0 start to the season.

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