Servers and Customers at Local Diner Work Together to Evacuate Safely

Around 10 a.m. Thursday morning, customers at Julie's Diner began to point out the large smoke cloud outside the restaurant.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The Husky Oil Refinery explosion last Thursday forced business in Superior to close up shop for the day. We spoke with one local dinner where servers and customers watched it all happen right from the window.

Around 10 a.m. last Thursday morning, customers at Julie’s Diner began to point out the large smoke cloud outside the restaurant.

Staff members tell us customers began to trickle in, describing the boom and tremor they felt at home.

Business continued as usual until the second explosion. Servers began to warn customers they might want to take food to go so they could get to a safe place.

“Between the customers and us we were all going back and forth between each other you know we’re hearing this, and we’re like okay we might be closing, heads up from the schools, schools kept calling us and letting us know whenever they were evacuating and everything,” server Donna Enders said.

Many regulars at the dinner were receiving updates on their kids and grandchildren through calls such as these. Workers with children were released immediately to check on their families. Julie’s Diner was completely closed around 1 that afternoon, overall workers describe closing shop for the day as an easy transition.

Enders says they were never once worried about when the next day they would head back to work would be. The focus was completely on the community staying safe.

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