Superior Fire & Police Department Back On Schedule After Husky Fire

Both departments tell us they trained for an event like this and felt like they were well prepared.

SUPERIOR, Wis. –  The Superior Fire and Police Departments were just two of the many agencies to answer the call for the Husky Energy Refinery explosion.

Now both departments are finally getting back on schedule after an exhausting few days.

Both the Superior Fire and Police Departments tell me they are proud of their response and how everyone worked together to keep the residents of Superior safe.

Superior Fire Chief Steven Panger says not many firefighters got much sleep after the Husky Energy Refinery explosion.

At any given time there were 25–30 firefighters on scene.

This week the fire department is focused on reviewing how the team handled the incident.

“What did we do right? What are those things we can improve on?,” said Panger. “And what things can we implement in the future that are going to make us better responders to anything that might happen in the future?”

The day of the fire the Superior Police Department began securing the site and building a perimeter around the refinery.

The police department worked closely with the fire department by flying a drone so firefighters could easily attack the fire.

The biggest operation by Superior police was the evacuation order that affected about 10,000 people.

“Without relationships we built with other law enforcement we never could have done it,” said Superior Police Chief Nicholas Alexander. “A big thanks to all of the law enforcement agencies that offered to and we just didn’t need it. At one point, I’m sure we had 40–50 law enforcement officers from outside agencies like Duluth Police.”

Both departments tell us they trained for an event like this and felt like they were well prepared.

Members of the Superior Fire Department have now picked up most of their equipment from the site and are back to normal operations. Superior Police are back to patrolling the streets just like they would be on a typical day.


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