Duluth Delegation Recounts Life Changing Visit to National Memorial for Peace and Justice

The Duluth Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial was dedicated in Oct. 2003.

DULUTH, Minn. – Members of the Duluth Delegation have returned from a life changing trip to Montgomery, Alabama, to view the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

A total of 32 people, young and old made the bus ride.

City Human Rights Officer Carl Crawford says some were challenged emotionally and spiritually.

He also says people were amazed to walk in the footsteps of many civil rights leaders.

“This is american history and it’s important that we all know and recognize what happened from the heinous crime in america and how it changed lives forever,” said Crawford.

The goal is to plan more trips like this in the future.

“We talked a lot about what happened once we get off the bus, how we’re going to work and bring what we’ve learned from this trip back to the community and start the real conversations, meaningful conversations that need to happen here,” said Crawford.

The Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial is dedicated to three men who were lynched in Duluth back in 1920. It’s located on East First Street in Duluth.

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