How to Ensure Safe Campfire Traditions

Park officials say its important to teach your child campfire safety at every age.

CARLTON COUNTY, Minn.- As the weather is slowly getting warmer, its that time of year for smores and campfire stories, along with the fun comes fire responsibility.

Dryer weather and winds are ideal conditions for wildfires to spark. To avoid your campfire getting out of hand, park officials ask campers to use a fire ring, avoid liquid fire starters, and never leave a burning fire unattended.

“We certainly don’t want to discourage people from that kind of community building aspect of camping, we all have wonderful memories from camping with all of our families and friends around enjoying the fire itself,” Jay Cooke park manager Lisa Angelos said.

The Department of Natural Resources stays on top of conditions every day, but officials warn it’s on us to ensure we’re enjoying the campfire in a respectable way.

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