Following Along on Local Judge’s Morning Commute

Judge Shaun Floerke rides to the Duluth Court House regardless of the weather.

DULUTH, Minn.-  For nearly a decade Judge Shaun Floerke has been gearing up for each full day of work at the Duluth Court House by hopping on his bike.

Once gas prices hit three dollars a gallon all those years ago, Judge Floerke changed up his morning commute, biking instead of driving.

“The first couple of weeks were just super hard, coming up the hill and getting home,” Judge Floerke said. 

It started off as a summer activity but this bicycling judge couldn’t manage to put the pedals away once winter came.

“Duluth is challenging I mean biking the hills in the winter it can get pretty grim when it’s ten below and you’re climbing a hill,” Floerke said.

But riding along the Skyline Parkway and seeing the sunrise definitely makes the commute worthwhile.

“The bike helps me kind of burn off some of that stress,” Judge Floerke said.

Along with decreasing stress studies show biking; increases muscle strength and flexibility, improves posture and coordination, and decreases body fat levels. Judge Floerke believes the exercise traveling from work to home, also makes him a better dad.

“It’s part of who I am and what makes me work you know,” Judge Floerke said.

Duluth is known for its biking community but Judge Floerke does wish the city could be even more commuter friendly.

“A lot of the research says as you have more bikes it works better because people are used to it and there are bikes everywhere,” Judge Floerke said.

As bicycling continues to grow in popularity, Judge Floerke hopes to see other Northlanders biking to work too. He does recommend taking a trial ride first though to ensure you give yourself enough time to clock in without being late.

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