Arrowhead Youth Games Bring Sunshine and Smiles

The Arrowhead Youth Games is an on-going tradition.

DULUTH, Minn.-The day camp invites kids with disabilities from various schools to try activities they may have never experienced before.

We spoke with one student who mastered a new bike and even took up archery.

“I got it right in the red circle and I got it above it, the black circle, I got it above it,” Daniel Loney said.

Around 300 kids attend the games every year at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The event is put on by a collaboration of the college, Courage Center Duluth, and schools in the region.

“A lot of times kids with disabilities kind of get pigeonholed a little bit into focusing on therapy and rehabilitation and that’s fine but we want them to play and be involved in the activity as able-bodied people are as well,” Courage Kenny Sports & Rec Department manager Eric Kenny said.

Volunteers include U-M-D students, who stay after their finals are finished to make the Arrowhead Games possible.

Organizers say they hope to is to spark interest in activities.

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