Knowing Your Neighbors: Better Results with Building Logic

Building Logic Started in 2010 to Assist Residents in the Twin Ports with Everyday Property Care and Repair Needs

DULUTH, Minn. – Becoming a home or business owner can be exciting but it also comes with a price tag, countless hours of hard work and labor.

That’s why Duluth based Building Logic is looking to be there for you when there’s property care and repair needs.

It’s located in a small grey building just off Piedmont Avenue in Duluth.

“We’re logical! We’re hoping no more snow is on the way,” said Tony Lasky, owner of Building Logic.

Lasky and his team of three employees are looking to help customers every day and anytime.

“Anything from landscaping and mowing to patching, painting,” said Lasky. “Anything that doesn’t require a license, we do it!”

Building Logic was created in 2010. In 2014, Lasky took over the business, specializing in property care and repair.

“We want people to think of us as the logical choice when they have anything wrong with their building or their property,” said Lasky. “We wanted to be someone you could call in a pinch, where it wasn’t going to be put on a list and eventually we’re going to give you a call.”

Taking on a more transparent approach, Lasky says he and his team have been nonstop busy since spring decided to show up in the Northland.

“It’s that time of the year when you’ve got to get your mowers going,” said Lasky.

Aside from gutter cleaning and painting projects as the season changes, these experts recommend holding off for a while when it comes to sharpening or replacing the blades on your lawnmower.

“Do your first mowing and then replace it because a lot of times will have the first mowing, the rocks and the twigs and the sticks and you’re going to damage that brand new blade right away,” said Lasky.

Good old fashioned advice Lasky says bigger businesses may not offer the average customer.

“A lot of homeowners do their best but they don’t have all of the skills that are necessary to do their own work,” said Lasky.

With a mission of making your everyday life easier, Building Logic wants to continue constructing lasting relationships with residents in the Twin Ports.

“Our motto is one call solves all so if you have a number of different jobs and you’re not quite sure who to call, just call us and we’ll take care of it for you,” said Lasky.

Staff at Building Logic say they’re also getting many calls for gutter cleaning right now.

If you have a job for the team to tackle, click here for more information or call (218) 279-5300.

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