Animal Answers: Jimmy Walks Once Again

Duluth Dachshund Jimmy Page Suffered from Intevertebral Disc Disease Two Weeks Ago, Having to Undergo Emergency Surgery

DULUTH, Minn. – Just over two weeks ago, dachshund Jimmy Page had to undergo emergency surgery at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital in St. Paul after slipping two discs in his back.

Without any warning sign, Jimmy woke up one day suffering from intervertebral disc disease (IVDD).

IVDD is when discs in the back deteriorate, becoming susceptible to bulging or bursting, especially with hard impacts (jumping off a couch, steps, rough play, etc.).

Unfortunately, no veterinarians were capable of performing surgery on Jimmy in the Twin Ports, so he and his mom Ashley Balaich headed south.

Jimmy had to remain on a waiting list at the Veterinary Hospital in St. Paul until they were able to see him and determine a plan for treatment.

Veterinarians performed surgery to take down part of the disc that was suppressing his spinal cord.

He’s now starting to recover since the operation, and is able to walk once again.

Jimmy has set up a GoFundMe Page if you’d like to donate to his more than $6,000 medical costs.

Click here to donate.

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