Minnesota Fishing Season Opens Saturday

Mothers aren't required to have a fishing license during

DULUTH, Minn. – We are less than 24 hours away from the 2018 Minnesota Fishing Opener.

Nearly 1.5 million anglers are licensed in the state and people here in Duluth and across Minnesota are getting ready to hit the water.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Males account for 65 percent of fishing license holders. Females account for 35 percent.

We stopped by a few bait shops in town and they are keeping up with the demand from the rush of customers they’ve seen these last few days.

It’s been a long winter in the Northland, so the anticipation is building for the 2018 Minnesota Fishing Opener.

“A little sunshine goes a long way,” said Marine General Russ Francisco. “Weather’s better than they said it was going to be. so people are excited.”

It’s Saturday and hundreds of people are coming through the doors of Marine General in Duluth.

“New depth sounders, lots of new electronics; this is a big year for new electronics,” said Francisco. “Big year for rod and reels. =And normally that doesn’t happen both items, but people are really going out and making things nice.”

It’s also been a busy day over at Chalstrom’s Bait & Tackle.

Staff are packing a lot of bait.

“Most people go out the doors with a package of crawlers and a bag of minnows, mostly the chubbs.”

With this nice weather outside, you can expect to catch lots of people in the water on Saturday.

One of them is Strauder Goff.

“You’ve spent winter cooped up ice fishing,” said Goff. “You’re sitting in a shack, now you get out the sun, not too hot just something if you haven’t done in a few months.”

The average angler spends 15 days fishing each year.

Goff looks forward to hitting the water and stopped by Chalstrom’s to pick up some bait.

“I’m going to be up on White Face. Minnows, because leeches and crawlers haven’t really come out yet,” said Goff. “So they’re looking for minnows and on white face. Chubbs seem to be the best for walleyes.”

He won’t tell you where his hot spots are, he says he keeping those to himself.

But he does have a tip for you.

“The key to fishing is fish where the fish are,” said Goff.

Before you head out be sure to check your equipment to stay safe.

“Make sure your fire extinguisher is in great shape and check your flares if you’re going out in the big lake,” said Francisco. “Make sure they’re not expired. tThe water is cold, it’s colder than usual.”

Minnesota has more than 5,000 fishing lakes and you can find at least 162 species of fish in the water.

A fishing license is required for the walleye and northern pike fishing opener.

Almost half a million anglers are expected to be out for the fishing opener.

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