From A Spartan to a Bearcat

Superior softball pitcher, Mady Stariha, verbally commits to Binghampton University's Division I program

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Mady Stariha is a junior member of the Superior softball team serving as the star pitcher for the Spartans, dominating the mound any chance she gets.

But getting to this point didn’t come easy. Before this season, Stariha had barely seen any playing time.

“The first two years were an adjusting period coming in as a freshman and having to prove myself and get into the lineup. But now that I’m a junior, you just go out there confident and play your best” said Stariha.

In this season alone Mady has an era of 1.21 with a winning percentage of 83. All of this is a result of her dedication to the game.

“Lots of hours at the cage with my dad and putting in the extra work that you sometimes didn’t want to do but you had to.”

Not stopping until she gets it right.

“Being a finesse pitcher too location is important. She’ll have to just keep throwing and throwing till she can hit any target that the catcher puts out there” said coach Mike Sather.

Through her training, Mady not only learned to establish a presence on the mound, but at the plate as well.

“Pitching was definitely something that came natural at first but I really had to work towards it to not plateau. But hitting, I definitely had to work on my swing and get a little better at it” said Stariha.

“when you have a pitcher that’s dominating like her, she takes control of the game right from the beginning. As far as the offensive part, we do have 8 other people in the lineup, but a lot of the time she does come through for us” said Sather.

Coming through would be an understatement as Stariha is now sitting pretty at a 400 batting average.

And from the work Mady put into this game, it’s safe to say she got just as much, if not more, out of it.

“Softball has been a major part of my life. It made me and my dad super close and I made really good friendships over the years with everyone.”

Shaping her into a remarkable young woman.

“We can talk about her skills all day long but the type of person she is, is an incredible person” said Sather.

Moving forward, Mady has already verbally committed to Binghampton University to play Division I softball.

Now her main forcus…

“to hopefully bring the Spartans to state.”

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