River Quest Begins in Duluth

Program Began This Week Which Teaches Kids All About Lake Superior

DULUTH, Minn.-1,500 sixth graders are making their way to the Duluth waterfront all this week to learn about Lake Superior.

Students will be taking one hour trips out on the Vista where learning stations are set up. Students will also go through a variety of educational programs in the DECC as well, many of which will be hands-on.

“I think the hands-on learning system is like a good way to learn stuff because if you are in a classroom, if they’re speaking you can’t see and do stuff; but if you can touch and learn and see it, that’s good,” said Colin Pence, a sixth grader at Ordean East

Teachers also want the event to teach students all about how to keep the lake healthy. Among the topics introduced to students including stopping aquatic invasive species and pollution prevention.

“We hope they understand how important our lake is to us and the city and tourism, plus we hope they understand the importance of keeping it clean and what it means to us,” said Peter Froehlingsdorf, a sixth grade teacher at Ordean.

Students will be able to participate in this program through Thursday.

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