Lake Nebagamon Man Creates Custom Rides

Walt Moss Shares Passion for Custom Vehicles

LAKE NEBAGAMON, Wis. – A Wisconsin man is known around his small town for his custom creations.

They’re vehicles not seen before, because they’re creations Walt Moss has come up with himself.

Moss is the owner of Walt Moss Trucking, Inc., but his obsession with going fast started many years ago.

“Probably when I was about 12 years old when we used to try to put gas engines on bicycles and bigger engines on lawnmowers,” explained Moss.

From that moment, his passion grew until one day he took the design process into his own hands.

“Thinking about different things and looking at different vehicles and thinking you could combine this with that and it would actually work,” said Moss.

Moss says these intricate builds hold parts from several different vehicles, “like the engine in this was out of an older 60,000 GVW truck, like a snow plow to plow the county highway and now it’s in a 6,000-pound vehicle.”

His vehicles include a motorcycle with a wheel from a semi.

These modifications make their formal titles slightly unclear, but what the names lack in creativity the vehicles definitely make up for in size and sight.

“I always said if I had a dollar for every picture that was taken of these I could afford to build another one,” said Moss.

Driving down the road the vehicles turn heads because they are no doubt one-of-a-kind.

“They follow you down the road and everybody wants a picture,” said Moss.

Countless hours of work and a major investment doesn’t hold Moss back from enjoying a ride in a custom build.

“Of course, they look better if you just let ’em sit forever, but that’s the fun of it, it actually works so let’s drive it around,” said Moss.

Moss isn’t looking for personal recognition, he just wants everyone to appreciate the vehicle in front of them, “my favorite part of it is just going somewhere, just park it, blend into the crowd and watch people’s reactions.”

The range of responses makes the dedication to his dreams worth it.

“I say it’s my therapy,” said Moss, “keep doing what I have to do, and it’s something fun.”

Moss does get some help from some of the workers in his business and from a customs shop in Wisconsin.

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