Wisconsin Senate Candidate’s Top Priority Expanding Husky Refinery

Candidate James Bolen discussed his priorities in the Northland.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- 25th District Senate candidate James Bolen running for the Wisconsin Senate spoke–out Thursday highlighting his goals if elected, Husky Refinery is top on the list.

Bolen is asking the Husky Refinery to rebuild the facility and consider expanding. This would come after the post-explosion inspection.

Bolen says the expansion would also add more high tech safety measures.”I think Wisconsin’s climate right now is right to go back to the drawing board and have that discussion so I’m optimistic that they will do that,” Senate candidate James Bolen said. “This is one of the largest employers in the city of Superior and we do not want to lose these good jobs.”

The candidate’s first priority is increasing the tourism budget, comparing other neighboring Midwestern states which spend significantly more money.

Bolen says tourism largely impacts Wisconsin’s economy and needs to be a top priority to keep the numbers up.

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