Knowing Your Neighbors: Grandpa’s Workshop


If you have a fondness for woodworking and craftsmanship, there’s a shop in Superior that might be calling your name.

Grandpa’s Workshop, LLC, is a production wood-shop in Superior.

And “Grandpa” is Robert Moniasque, and man with many job titles.

“[I guess I’m the] owner. And I do the bookkeeping and I sweep at night too!” says Robert, who is a retired truck driver, has been doing this since he was a teenager; he was the apprentice of an Amish cabinet-maker.

“He had a water wheel shaft that went the full length of his building,” Robert recalls. “And all his saws and everything were powered off the water wheel. Amazing torque.”

Robert learned how to do it the old fashioned way, working without power tools.

“It was quite an experience,” he said.  “A lot of hand-work, a lot of hand tools and hand working that way. That’s where I started at and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Grandpa’s Workshop began about ten years ago, with Robert wanting to make flag cases.

Then he built a chair, and he just kept building things.

“I enjoy what I’m doing,” he said. “I’m going to keep on doing it too.”

He makes wood furniture, wood-carved signs, and decorations; he certainly keeps a busy work schedule.

And each item shows how experienced Robert is, and how he puts all his effort into his craft.

“I spend too much time on some stuff, but at my age I’d rather put out quality than quantity,” Robert said. “So if it takes me an extra day to make a chair and make it right, I’m good with that, ya know?”

Robert sells many of his pieces at area farmers markets.

His shop is on North 23rd Street in Superior, and he asks that you call before coming to visit.

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