Northern Star: Esko softball pitcher Emilee Wilson

The Eskomos senior has her team poised for a deep run in the sectional tournament

ESKO, Minn.- From the mound, to the plate, to the dugout, Emilee Wilson is performing at her highest level.

The Esko senior takes on every task with the people she cares about in mind.

“Just giving my team the best chance to win and just working ahead and just kind of playing my level of softball. And it usually has good results if I keep that in mind,” said Emilee.

Wilson produces more than just ‘good results,’ with an E.R.A. under 1.

“There’s been no harder worker. As my shirt says ‘there’s no off season’ and for her it was literally like that since she was probably seventh grade,” said head coach Jeff Emanuel.

Aside from her hard work a major part of what makes Emilee so successful in the game, is her teammates.

“I just really try to remember that my defense is behind me and make plays for me. All the pressure isn’t on me. So I trust them and it makes things a lot easier.”

Pitching isn’t Wilson’s only power, but she dominates at the plate as well, batting over .500 in this season alone.

“When I get up to the plate, I just want to hit the ball hard and I know it only takes one pitch so I’m really just looking for that one pitch that I can hit and when I find it, the rest kind of just happens.”

“Very confident to have her in the three spot knowing that she’ll lay a bunt down for you. She’ll hit a bomb for you. She’ll move the runner when she needs to” said Emanuel of Wilson.

So with this strong, multi-faceted leader that the Eskomos have, it’s only natural that come playoff time, teams will not be going easy on them.

“I feel like we have a really big target on our backs and its gotten bigger every year. I think we just have to play at our level and every teams coming at us with their best game but if we’re playing our level of softball, we shouldn’t have anything to worry about” said Wilson.

“Having a target, it’s a little different than we’ve had the last two years. Its actually kind of cool and seeing the girls do what they’re doing with the target, it’s good. They’re just going about and doing their business anyway” said Emanuel.

If the Eskomos go about their business, the way they plan to, Emilee has just one more goal for her team.

“We really hope to make it back to the state tournament. It’s our senior year so it’s go big or go home.”

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