Board of Directors Approves Essentia Construction

The new Building Will Cost an Estimated $675 Million

DULUTH, Minn. – Essentia Health is planning on spending big money on a new project that is slated to be the largest private investment in Duluth’s history.

The Board of Directors at Essentia has approved the construction and financing of a brand new multimillion dollar facility set to be built in Duluth’s downtown.

It’s a longtime coming for a project like this, say members of Essentia Health’s administration.

For years they have spent millions to renovate facilities in their aging buildings, but the time has come to build something new.

“We decided that we need to really start fresh. We’ll build new inpatient and new outpatient spaces to better serve our patients, better serve our staff and better serve our community.”

The new building will cost an estimated $675 million with an additional $125 million being spent on infrastructure and financing.

The new building will facilitate new equipment for evolving and improved medical practices.

Essentia CEO Dr. David Herman says the planning team is making steps to make sure the new facility fits in with Duluth’s historic downtown.

“We’ve been very cognizant of the way that it will sit in order to preserve people’s views of the lake and thinks like that. We do want to make sure that it works for medicine.”

Dr. Herman says the concept for the new facility does look futuristic, but a lot could change between now and construction. He says staff members are already submitting their ideas for the new building.

Construction for this project is scheduled to being in 2019 and those at Essentia hope that it’s complete in 2022.

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