Eight-ball Tournament Kicks Off with Olympic Champs

The Gold Medal winning U.S. Curling Team shot some pool with some pros

DULUTH, Minn. – The sport of pool and the sport of curling teamed up this evening for the 8–ball Olympics at the Break Room in Duluth.

It is the 3rd annual 8 Ball Classic Pool Tournament weekend. Thursday was a special blending of two unique sports, as Team USA Olympic Gold Medalists teamed up with professional pool players  from the Mosconi Cup to take part in an exhibition match.

“Curling is a sport just like pool, if you’re not in that niche, it’s hard to do,” Promoter Ra Hanna said. “Pool has a niche following, and curling also does. They just got a big shot in the arm with winning the gold medal, which is super awesome.”

The tournament continues through the weekend at the Break Room on East 4th Street.

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