Welty, Former School Board Member, Running for 8th District

DULUTH, Minn. – Harry Welty, a former Duluth school board member, has announced he is running for the 8th Congressional District seat as a Republican.

This is Welty’s third time running for the seat. The previous two times he ran he was listed as an Independent candidate.

Welty is anti-Trump and running as a Republican to give 8th District voters a different GOP option.

He says the party has not been “very admirable” over the last ten years and he wants to remind constituents what he believes Republicans used to stand for.

“Trump is a disgrace to the nation and my hero is Abraham Lincoln who was the founder of a party that once had ideals and was called the party of Lincoln,” said Welty. “I do not belong to the party of Trump.”

Welty admits it’s not very likely that he will beat the other Republican candidate, Pete Stauber, in the August 14th primary election, but he hopes to change the conversation and get Stauber to disavow some of his support for the president.

“Maybe even if he should manage to defeat me in the primary, it will have focused his attention a little bit on those people in the district who find the president loathsome,” said Welty.

Welty spent twelve years on the Duluth School Board between 1996 and 2017.

He and Stauber are the only Republican congressional candidates running in the 8th District.

They join four Democrats and an Independent also running for the seat.

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