What You Should Do to Help Prevent Elder Abuse

The month of June is dedicated to Elder Abuse Awareness

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Elder abuse is more common than you think. The month of June is dedicated to Elder Abuse Awareness

Superior’s Mayor Jim Paine and Duluth Mayor Emily Larson proclaimed today, June 4th Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Elder abuse can come in many forms, from emotional abuse to domestic abuse and even fraud. The issue is large and to start making a difference it’s important to ask questions if you see something unusual.

“People can have their bank accounts emptied by an adult child who has power of attorney and the person won’t report it because it’s your kid,” program manager Esther Gieschen said. “But they lose all their money.”

If you notice strange behaviors ask questions. One manager at Superior Choice Credit Union tells us all businesses should be watching for warning signs from customers. Bankers specifically ask multiple questions when someone wires money to ensure they haven’t fallen for a fraud.

“Trying to get to the root of why they’re sending money,do they know the person they’re sending money too, so we’re trying to help them and protect them, same thing when they come in with a check, where they got it, did they sell something,” Superior Choice Credit Union Tanya Martineau said.

One in ten older Americans are victims of elder abuse. If you yourself or someone you know is a victim of elder abuse call 1-844-880-1574

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