Concrete Poured at New Ice Arena in Proctor

PROCTOR, Minn. –A new ice arena is being built in the town of Proctor, and today we got a first-hand look at a crew pouring concrete on the arena’s floor.

The team of 22 is highly skilled at pouring 270 cubic yards of concrete on the floor of the ice arena.

Underneath the concrete is 10 miles of tubing that will carry an environmentally friendly coolant to freeze the ice for hockey season.

This is a unique job, and once the crew starts pouring and smoothing the concrete, they can’t stop until it’s finished.

“Usually when you do concrete, you’re putting in joints every ten feet so the concrete doesn’t crack or break up,” said project engineer Scott Ward. “Here we have no joints in it, so the concrete mix has to be very precise, it’s very unique to this type of project; it’s continuous.”

Ward is the Vice President of Stevens Engineers, a Wisconsin-based firm that specializes in projects like this.

He says designing an ice arena takes highly skilled concrete workers, because it’s not the typical concrete pouring job.

“What you’ll see out here is – you don’t see a lot of yelling or people yelling back and forth because they’ve done it so many times, everybody has their key jobs,” Ward said. “They’re very good at what they do.”

It will take nearly a month for the concrete to fully cure.

The ice arena is scheduled to be open in the fall of this year.

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