Lake Superior Art Glass Moves to New Space in Canal Park

Glass blowing business now features their gallery and both studios in the same place

DULUTH, Minn. – Lake Superior Art Glass started as a pop-up shop in Duluth’s Go Downtown Grow Downtown space giveaway in 2012. Since then, the business has continued to expand.

“It’s this incredible art form that is so unlike any other type of art,” said Lake Superior Art Glass owner Dan Neff, who has been blowing glass since 2003. “It’s not like most other art mediums where you can kind of take a step back and say what should I do to that next, you’ve got to have your plan, execute it, and hope it goes accordingly.”

Six years ago, Neff moved out of his home studio to a storefront on Superior Street.

Last year, he and his staff opened a hot shop in the Armory on London Road.

Now, with a larger, brand new space in Canal Park, Lake Superior Art Glass has both their studios and their gallery under one roof for the first time.

“A lot of folks don’t understand the difference of the types of glass blowing and so now they’re both right here, you can visually see this is the furnace glass blowing studio, that’s flame work, here are the projects you make in them,” said Neff.

The business offers classes in both styles of glass blowing. A traditional furnace style where students can make paperweights, flowers, and blown ornaments, adn flame blowing where they can make wine goblets, icicle ornaments, and pendants.

“There’s really only a handful of studios in the country that offer something like this and so to have one in our town I think is just something really cool that adds to the community especially down here in Canal Park,” said apprentice Adam Reinhardt.

Reinhardt has been one of Neff’s apprentices since last December. He loves the chance to blow glass full time.

“It’s about the best job you could have if you want to be a flame worker,” said Reinhardt.

It also allows him to pass his love of the art onto students.

“Most of our customers aren’t coming here to take classes and become a glass blower,” said Neff. “They’re coming here for a fun and unique experience.”

The Lake Superior Art Glass gallery is open every day and several different classes are offered throughout the week.

“If you can sell a piece of art to someone it will kind of last forever and I think there’s something impressive about that or inspiring about that,” said Reinhardt.

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