Two New Business Join in on Revitalizing Lincoln Park

Owners of both Corktown Deli and Brews and Love Creamery are celebrating their grand opening in Lincoln Park on the 1900 block of West Superior Street.

DULUTH, Minn.- Two new businesses opened their doors in Lincoln Park Wednesday.

These businesses are part of a larger movement to transform a section of Duluth, which hasn’t seen much new development in a long time.  The Lincoln Park district continues to grow, and neighborhood residents are excited to see more accessible food options. Many business owners are collaborating to turn this area into a new scene.

“Stimulates part of a town that historically was left out,” 4th District Councilor Renee Van Nett said.

Owners of both Corktown Deli and Brews and Love Creamery are celebrating their grand opening in Lincoln Park on the 1900 block of West Superior Street.

“I’m super excited about the life that is brings here,” Van Nett said.

The creators of the Corktown Deli also own OMC Smokehouse across the street and the Duluth Grill also located in Lincoln Park.

“I think investing in Lincoln Park has been awesome,” Corktown co-manager Jeff Petcoff said.

The shop is inspired by New York delis with some additional local twists.

“It’s kind of something for everyone,” Petcoff said. “Something for the night crowd, we want to be a great lunch restaurant as well where you can get something quick and easy that’s also delicious.”

“They’re always really, really fresh we’re making them on a daily basis and that’s what we’ll be serving up starting today,” Love Creamery owner Nicole Wilde said.

Love Creamery has been sprinkled throughout the Twin Ports for a couple years, serving up the organic desserts at various farmers markets. Now it can be enjoyed at the permanent location.

“Everything we do we really think about from a sustainability standpoint,” Wilde said.

The creamery uses local ingredients, compostable packaging, and sends no waste to landfills.

Wilde tells us scooping up a location in Lincoln Park fits their values.

“I have actually worked a little bit in main street revitalization in the past,” Wilde said. “So I’ve actually seen and worked on districts like this in different cities.

But the ice cream shop is just one of the many pieces coming together in what some are calling the soon–to–be new must stop area in Duluth.

“If they don’t come here as they’re ‘Canal Parking’ they’re missing out,” Van Nett said.

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“This area is just ripe for another redevelopment back into a community gathering place,”

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The new businesses are not only hoping to liven up your taste buds, they’re also active participants in beautifying the Lincoln Park area.

“There are alleyways that are being grated, so potholes are going away,” Petcoff said.

“They keep it clean, decorating it all, making it beautiful,” Van Nett said.

“The whole area is just getting a nice spruce up,” Petcoff said.

The latest two new businesses are connected to bag maker, Frost River, Bent Paddle Brewery, and OMC Smokehouse have also recently expanded.

“Looking to see this area be rejuvenated and it’s just been an exciting phenomenal experience,” Petcoff said.

Meanwhile, even more, new additions are coming, including URSA Minor Brewery expected to open this summer.

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