Superior School Bus Drivers Upset with District Changes

The bus drivers don't want to sign any contracts until they can talk with the incoming superintendent.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Bus drivers with the Superior School District are slamming the brakes on the district’s changes to operations.

The changes involve where the buses are stored overnight and new non-breakable one–year work contracts. Emotions were high as bus drivers sounded off to Superior School District Superintendent Jana Stevens on Thursday. More than two dozen bus drivers showed up to this meeting. For years bus drivers have taken their school buses home every night. But now buses will be stored in a lot at Fabco off Highway 53 near Bear Creek Park.

Bus drivers tell us they don’t like that idea because they’ll need to wake up earlier every morning around 3 a.m and take even more time to pick–up students.

Some bus drivers say they don’t have cars to pick up their buses.

“Some people if they stay on they’re going to have to buy a new vehicle, they’re going to have to buy insurance for that new vehicle, they’re going to have to figure out their family situations,” bus driver of 15 years Kari Holmes said.

Superintendent Stevens declined to give fox 21 a statement or on-camera interview. Stevens did tell bus drivers in the meeting that it’s a liability issue to store school buses all over town at drivers’ homes and that the one–year contract must be signed.

“They’re basically saying we’ll have to get approval to quit and I don’t think any of us are willing to do that,” bus driver Robbi Tribbey.

Bus drivers will be able to explain to the school board why they wish to leave the contract early the board would then make a decision.

Superintendent Janna Stevens is retiring in just a couple of days. The bus drivers don’t want to sign any contracts until they can talk with the incoming superintendent  Amy Starzecki. We reached out to her. She says she would have given a comment but says she wasn’t informed about the situation with the bus drivers.


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