Last Minute Preps Happening at Marathon Starting Line

DULUTH, Minn. –It’s almost race day for Grandma’s Marathon, and there is still plenty of work ahead for employees and volunteers alike.

At the starting line just outside of Two Harbors, the Sonju car dealership has once again allowed the Grandma’s crew to use their lot for the festivities.

Volunteer David Olson says there are still tents and tables and banners left to set up, but they’ve been working all week just to get to where they’re at right now.

A few dozen people have been working this week, but on race day there will be nearly 300 volunteers at this site alone.

“There’s a lot that goes into it that people don’t realize,” Olson said. “Even arranging with Sonju – which, has been wonderful (this year has been the best ever).”

With all the people that will be at the starting line, dozens and dozens of portable bathrooms have to be set up.

This year, the Grandma’s starting line area has more than two hundred porta-potties for the crowd that will gather here.

“There’s approximately 8,000 runners, if everyone shows up, plus a thousand other people watching, and tomorrow [there is going to be] lines and lines and lines [of people] in front of every one of these,” Olson said.

The marathon will kick off promptly at 7:45 tomorrow morning.

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