American Spirit Ship Runs Aground Near Canal Park

The Coast Guard Is Monitoring the Situation

An unusual scene  for people in Canal Park Sunday afternoon, when a nearly 1,000 foot ship ran aground just short of the break wall in Duluth.

It happened around 3:30 p.m. Sunday, the Coast Guard says the American Spirit was departing the Duluth harbor fully loaded with taconite when it ran aground while attempting to turn out of the harbor.

No word yet how this happened, but the Duluth fire department says there appears to be no injuries.

“We launched a fire boat and got a visual, there was no sheen on the water, “ said Duluth Fire Department Assistant Chief Chris Martinson. “We got in touch with the captain who says they are not leaking fuel.”

The Coast Guard is monitoring the 990-foot vessel . There is currently a 500-yard safety zone being enforced around the ship.

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