Flooding Impacting Homeowners and Tourists

While some are waiting for the flooding to die down, others have no choice but to pack–up.

WISCONSIN,- After heavy rain over the weekend, major flooding continues to cause problems across the Northland for both travelers and homeowners.

It was a big weekend for tourism in the Northland, many campers came prepared with rain gear and made the most out of a wet weekend.

“I’m sure it doesn’t happen very often where it overflows that much,” camper Nathan Thibuadeau said.

For the first time, Nathan and his family camped at Pattison State Park, but the downpour of rain this past weekend left many areas under water.

“Suddenly we heard this crash and the tree roots hit the catwalk and then went under the dam,” campground host Mike Lemieux said.

High water is pouring into what use to be a walking tunnel. The bridge over the Black River is slowly deteriorating.

“It was worse than the 2012 flood, the water was a lot higher on the lake in my opinion,” Lemieux said.

Mike Lemieux has been spending his summers in Pattison Park since he was a teenager and now volunteers as a campground host offering assistance to newcomers.

While some are waiting for the flooding to die down, others have no choice but to pack–up.

Mike tells us, over half of the guests voiced concerns about traveling home.

“Coming in and getting out of this place is rather difficult now, so we’ll see what happens,” Lemieux said.

“We got to go a long way for a little while, then probably turn around and take down a different highway because it’s blocked with some flooding but we should be alright just a little longer drive,” Thibuadeau said.

Meanwhile, the park is still fairly busy as the high water is intriguing some to see the damage for themselves.

You should always use caution when approaching a flooded area, for instance, the water may not look that deep but only a few feet away, there could be a substantial drop off.

“It’s pretty scary,” Lemieux said.

One homeowner on the Nemadji River, is what some might call a veteran when dealing with flooding but he never predicted this aftermath.

“We set an all-time record again at the Nemadji River,” homeowner Gordon Jenson said.

After the flood in 2012 the owners moved all items four feet off the floor.

“Of course with this storm we got six feet of water in there,” Jenson said.

“We’re going to need a dumpster to haul it out and hopefully this will be the last time, I’m not sure what I’m going to do but we can’t go through this again,” Jenson said.

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