Trump Supporters Praise Steel Tariff at Roundtable Discussion

The people attending this roundtable were all big Trump supports.

DULUTH, Minn.-President Trump made his first stop in Duluth for what the White House is calling a roundtable discussion.

“We’re very proud of what we’ve done, we’re very proud of Minnesota, and the people of this state, they’re incredible people,” President Trump said.

“The people that you see in this room right now and the people you see up here have been dying for somebody to hear them, to listen to them, and to understand what they need,” roundtable on-goer said.

Local politicians, Iron Mining leaders, and the Port Authority are discussing improvements they believe their industries are seeing through Trump Administration’s regulations. The people attending this roundtable were all big Trump supports. The people attending this roundtable were all big Trump supports. President of the Iron Mining Association, Kelsey Johnson started off thanking President Trump for Section 232 and the steel tariff

“Thank you very much for taking that very seriously and raising that issue both here in the United States but nationally as well,” Johnson said.

Johnson says since the steel tariff more workers have been called back to the mines. The crowd of workers and families affected by these tariffs showed their full support.

“The steel industry is doing unbelievably well very quickly, quicker than I even thought, aluminum the same thing and we’ve done it with other products too but in particular steel and aluminum you can’t lose these industries we need these industries,” President Trump said.

Workers in the Northland sat alongside the President expressing their gratitude, saying their livelihood has been brought back.

“Great jobs, great paying jobs with great benefits, but it’s not just those people that are benefiting from this building and mining that’s going to take place, there are secondary jobs that they supply all the mines and their going to have to hire more people and they as well have very good jobs that they can support their families on.”

President Trump says what’s happening is growth and it solves all the problems.

Although many here praised President Trump some are also asking for more, including change in some mining regulations.

“We just want people in Washington to understand this is our land and that means something to us,” Douglas County Chairman Keith Nelson said.

Right before leaving President Trump said his next slogan will be Keep America Great.

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