The Summer of Augie

Duluth Huskies second baseman has the second highest batting average in the Northwoods League

DULUTH, Minn.-¬†Augie Isaacson is a junior product of Friends University. He’s a New Prague kid with a love for the game and undeniable talent.

Isaacson came to Duluth this summer with his focus on one thing.

“My swing. It’s not anything specific it’s kind of day by day you learn something different and then you kind of work on it. Early work and yeah nothing really specific but you get more specific as you go throughout the season” said Isaacson.

And if you ask me, he seems to have gotten it down. Isaacson has the second highest batting average in the Northwoods League with a .420 average

“Keep hitting the ball hard. I mean our whole squads been doing it all year driving in a lot of runs every day. Just staying focused in the box. That’s pretty much the main thing.”

So how does he stay focused in the box?

“Try to keep it simple, everything, keep it simple. I’ve learned as much as I’ve got now and I’m going to stick with what I know.”

Hitting isn’t the only thing he knows, Isaacson has made second base his home. But he says that has never been an issue for him.

“Its always been one of my strong suits so again, keeping it simple defensively just slowing everything down.”

And while he came into the summer already having these skills, there are some things he can thank his Huskies coaches for.

“All of our coaches are really knowledgeable. They know a lot and it’s been good. The most things I’ve learned this year is probably base running. Lot of numbers things, you know pitcher tendencies, catcher pop times, stuff like that. That helps us out a lot and helps us steal some bags so it’s nice.”

But what really keeps Isaacson on his game are the guys he plays with day in and day out.

“It’s a great squad. We all have one goal and it’s to come out every day and win. All of us are trying to win a spot every day too. I mean the spots aren’t handed out here and everyone’s working hard and it’s been working great.”

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