Mayor Larson to pen Open Letter in Response to Rolling Stone Article

Mayor Larson Says she Cannot Wait to Share her Response

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth Mayor Emily Larson announced on Twitter Friday morning that she will be responding to the recent Rolling Stone article “A Night Among the Trump Believers Way Up North” with an open letter of her own.

The article was written by Ana Marie Cox and released on Rolling Stone’s website Thursday with waves of backlash from many Duluth fans.

Cox took to her Twitter account on Friday morning to address some of the backlash stating, “DULUTHIANS! I have made the few tweaks to my piece (1 DV shelter downtown, it is only POTENTIAL Trump Country). BUT ALSO: Ok, maybe I missed real Duluth! I will be back later in the summer to report out a fuller picture of the town…I stand by my reporting BUT I COULD HAVE DONE MORE.”

In the article Cox writes, “Today, the small city of 80,000 scrapes by on tourism and as a port. There’s a paper plant that has been on the verge of closing for 10 years. Duluth has a poverty rate (21 percent) that would rank it among the most desperate counties in West Virginia and per capita income just below that of Wheeling. Lake Superior’s merciless beauty crashes up against a town whose shoreside skyline is dominated by stolid, brutalist mid-century relics and precarious-seeming industrial shipping contraptions, rusty and mostly silent. Downtown, every surface is covered with a thin layer of grime. It is, in other words, potential Trump Country.”

Droves of Duluthians have taken to social media to express their discontent for the article.

One Twitter comment reads, “It’s so hard to have someone from out of town visit a city you love & talk about it & it’s (sic) people this way. Politics aside, there is a lot more to Duluth than what I think you saw in an afternoon. “

Mayor Larson shared on Twitter that she cannot wait to share her open letter and thanked Rolling Stone and Cox for the great opportunity.

There is no word at this time when the open letter will be posted.

You can read the full Rolling Stone article here and we will continue to update this story when Mayor Larson’s open letter becomes available.

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