Get Your Taste Buds Ready For the Annual CHUM Rhubarb Festival

The festival is proof that you can do a lot with rhubarb, because it's also a fundraiser for the CHUM Food Shelf and Shelter.

DULUTH, Minn. – If your taste buds are craving rhubarb and you also want to help people in need, you could do that and more at the Annual CHUM Rhubarb Festival.

Whether you like rhubarb in pies or in a burrito the Fourth Annual Chum Rhubarb Festival in Duluth was the place to be.

How do you prefer to have rhubarb?

Enjoying rhubarb on a brat or in a refreshing cup of lemonade isn’t out of the ordinary at the Fourth Annual Rhubarb Festival.

This year’s festival dedicated to the tart flavored plant was held on the corner of London Road and 11th Avenue East.

There was plenty of family fun with crafts and games.

Rhubarbara, the mascot was also there hanging out.

The festival is proof that you can do a lot with rhubarb, because it’s also a fundraiser for the CHUMFood Shelf and Shelter.

“Last year we raised over $70,000. And so that money, every year really helps us get through a time when we’re not really getting a lot of donations throughout the summer,” said CHUM Development Director Mary Schmitz. “So it’s just an important part for us to have the money, so we can continue to feed people and provide shelter.”

A little rhubarb goes a long way.

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