The Northland Newborn Foundation Is Bouncing For Healthy Babies

The organization helps ease some of the financial burden with newborns.

DULUTH, Minn. – A new organization called the “Northland Newborn Foundation” is putting newborns first.

Its purpose is to provide support for healthy babies and their families within the community.

Although the Northland Newborn Foundation is fairly new it’s already making a name for itself.

On any given day you can jump around at Planet 3 Extreme Air Park in Duluth for your amusement.

But today these people are bouncing for babies for the Northland Newborn Foundation.

The organization helps ease some of the financial burden with newborns.

“So through that it’s grants, it’s giving gas cards or hotel stays to families here that have a little one in the Neonatal Intensice Care Unit (NICU) and need somewhere to stay or they’re traveling from out of town every day,” said Northland Newborn Foundation Director of Communications Ali Comnick.”

The Northland Newborn Foundation was started in January and Sunday’s gathering was also an introduction to the community.

“This is our first event. It’s kind of a meet and greet, learn more about what we are, what we’re doing and our purpose here in the community,” said Comnick.

If you didn’t want to bounce, that wasn’t a problem.  You could step outside for the food trucks and ice cream floats.

Northland Newborn Foundation staff tell us the organization was created because they felt there really wasn’t anything like it dedicated to newborns.

“The ones that need the money; the little families that are just starting,” said Comnick. “You don’t plan for something like that to happen. One thing that’s wonderful is that 100 percent of the proceeds stay here in the Northland.”

The Northland Newborn Foundation offers services to people on a case by case basis.

All you have to do is reach out to them to see how they can help you.

For more information on the Northland Newborn Foundation, click here.


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