Aeronautics Camp Aimed To Spark Interest For Women In STEM

UWS Superior Hosted A Camp Touring Cirrus & AAR

Duluth, Minn. — UW–Superior hosted a special camp for high school girls designed to peak interest for women to find careers in aviation.

“I see a lot of youth going to IT and that sort of thing and I think aviation is kind of getting overlooked!” explained the AAR Supervisor Larry Libra.

The group of girls toured cirrus and AAR, all while learning what it takes to be a plane mechanic, flight control rigger, inspection tech and more!

Superior high school student Ivan Zambori said, “I think it’s very important for women. Throughout the tours I did not see any females. It was all men. So I thought, maybe this is why we’re here.”

They got an in–depth look inside the planes wheel wells, hydraulics system, engines, cockpit and even take off flying high in the sky in a helicopter!

And one student even returned for her second year!

“I see a spark when they start seeing what we do here. They always go this looks kind of cool! We can do that!” explained Libra.

“If you want to do, do it! Don’t let anything stand in your way!” said Zambori.

This camp runs each year and aims to inspire students toward future science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers.

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