Construction Continues Along Highway 61

Construction projects and tourists are making a jam-packed Northshore drive.

TWO HARBORS, Minn.- The construction on Highway 61 is causing some delays for summer travelers but they say it’s worth wait.

“We love the Northshore, we’ve been coming up here since the 60’s I think, at least once a year,” tourist Rose Gordon said.

During the week, single-lane traffic is open but stopped cars are a common site along the Northshore as construction continues.

“Minnesota in the summer, construction,” Gordon said.

Summer is crunch time for construction projects and this overlaps the busiest tourist season in the Northland, combined the two don’t make the best pair.

“If you’re on vacation I guess you just kind of go with the flow,”¬†Gordon said.

Stop and drive slow signs will be a part of your view on the Northshore drive until early October as construction continues on.

“It was not an inconvenience at all,” tourist¬†Stephanie Bierman said.

Parks and shops along the Northshore were busy for a Monday but this past weekend it took some cars over an hour just to pass through Two Harbors.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to be in that yesterday going South, it was pretty heavy,” Gordon said.

One tourist from the South, Stephanie Bierman tells us the cold Northshore weather is startling compared to home but the construction here is a lot easier to manage.

“There’s road construction everywhere you drive and road construction can take you up to an hour or two wherever you go depending on what city you’re traveling to,” Bierman said.

Construction starts after the County Road 2 and 4th street intersection stretching all the way to the Silver Creek Tunnel. Crews are replacing culverts and repaving.

“Roll down the windows and enjoy your cooler weather here, and enjoy the great smells, and wherever you’re going,” Bierman said

Overall travelers say traffic on a Monday, isn’t that bad but they’re hoping it clears up before the fourth of July.

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