Great Outdoors: Mont du Lac Archery

Long after the snow melts, Mont du Lac Resort remains open for business.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Long after the snow melts, Mont du Lac Resort remains open for business.

“Everybody’s familiar with us in the wintertime so we’re constantly trying to add summertime activities,” said Mont du Lac hill manager Mike O’Hara.

Recently, they’ve added a new attraction.

“Archery is an important sport,” said O’Hara. “It’s actually something that’s great to have out on a ski hill because of the terrain we have, it’s good use.”

The hill and surrounding grounds are filled with twenty archery stations and target animals.

“There’s downhill shots, there’s shots over a ravine, we’re trying to create a realistic scenario for somebody who takes this sport very seriously and then obviously, some of the targets are designed for fun,” said O’Hara.

The range gives archers a chance to hone their skills in an outdoor environment.

“It’s a lot more realistic obviously,” explained O’Hara. “These targets are placed in areas of the property that are similar to an actual hunting scenario for people.”

The resort is home to an archery league that meets every Tuesday and Thursday. They open their course at other times to anyone wanting to give the sport a try.

“These are activities that are outdoor activities so they stick with our winter recreation theme except now we get to apply a little bit warmer weather for folks who might not want to be out when it’s thirty below,” said O’Hara.

On July 27th to 29th, the grounds will be home to Bowfest, the region’s largest 3-D shooting festival.


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