UDAC Moving Into Old DBU Site

DULUTH, Minn.-A massive donation announced today is changing the organization UDAC for years to come.

Nortlanders Joseph and and Nancy Bullyan, of Bullyan RV, have donated $3 million to UDAC so they can purchase the Duluth Business University building in the western end of Duluth.

UDAC, which helps people with disabilities learn life skills while getting job training, expect to move to the new site by this fall from their current location East 10th Street.

Staff at the site say this move is going to make training much easier for its clients – they have 150 of them right now.

“This is really an unbelievable transformational time for us,” said Mike Dosan,  chairman of the UDAC Board of Directors. “It’s really going to help us continue to serve the community for generations to come.”

The Bullyan family was short on words about the donation, as they simply wanted to help those in need.

“I’m just overwhelmed to do it and thank you people for joining us today,” said Joseph Bullyan.

The Bullyan’s said they have been involved with UDAC for decades. The organization has been serving the Northland for nearly 50 years.

DBU closed earlier this month due to declining enrollment after losing some accreditation. They had been open for more than 100 years.

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