Local Veterinary Hospital Goes Fear Free

North Shore Veterinary Hospital in Dultuh is Now Officially Fear Free Certified

DULUTH, Minn. – When it comes to taking your pet to the vet, it can be difficult to even get them in the vehicle.

Thanks to one local veterinary practice, making the trip for Fido might be easier during your next visit.

North Shore Veterinary Hospital in Duluth is looking to help patients keep calm, and stay healthy.

“If animals are afraid to come to the vet, people won’t take them to the vet,” said Hargrove.

Simple logic is keeping Dr. Michael Hargrove, Owner of North Shore Veterinary Hospital, thinking ahead at his practice.

“This renovation is really more about changing the patient experience at our hospital,” said Hargrove.

Recently, ongoing renovations have changed the layout at the facility near Lester Park.

“We did things like eliminated the waiting room entirely,” said Hargrove.

He and his team are happy to become the first animal hospital in Minnesota and the seventh in North America to register as a Fear Free Certified Practice.

“We just tried to design an environment that matched the approach we take as people in terms of trying to reduce the stress animals feel when they come to the vet,” said Hargrove.

Now from the moment pets prance in, they’re welcomed with calming sounds from a waterfall and even a personal greater.

“It’s about the patient and the client experience,” said Hargrove. “We put the scale in the floor so dogs don’t have to sit up on it.”

Hargrove is happy to also point out specialized sections for cats on one side of the facility and dogs in the other.

“We have big windows in the exam rooms in the cat exam rooms,” said Hargrove.

These new state-of-the-art rooms have nowhere for animals to hide. Rather, you’ll find cubby holes, blankets and air diffusers with calming scents and pheromones.

“We didn’t raise our fees or any of those kinds of things, it’s not about the money, it’s not about that,” said Hargrove.

Hargrove says 36 Fear Free Certified professional work in Duluth. 31 of them are employed at North Shore Veterinary Hospital.

“I’m so grateful to our clients who kept coming to us during the construction process,” said Hargrove.

A true trust from clients with a lasting impact on pets across the Twin Ports.

“I just want to give kudos to Scalzo architects because they did a fantastic job at embracing the fear free design principles and helping us design a hospital that really helps to minimize stress with animals,” said Hargrove.

Dr. Hargrove tells FOX 21, the renovations cost nearly $700,000 dollars.

The practice plans to stay more advanced as they continue working with clients in the future.

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