Cooking Connection: Lucca Pasta

For this week's Cooking Connection we're in the kitchen with the Cove Point Lodge


Chicken Norway

4 airline chicken breasts

Olive oil                 ½ C. plus 2 T.

Thyme dry            1 t.

Oregano dry         1 t.

Basil dry               1 t.

Garlic chopped   1 t.

Salt                      ¼ t.

Pepper                1/8 t.

Swiss Cheese    1 slice

Lingonberries   1 T.

Marinate chicken in ½ C. olive oil herbs, garlic, salt and pepper.

Saute chicken skin side down on medium high heat for two minutes.

Flip chicken over and put in 450 degree oven for seven minutes.

After seven minutes, place a slice of swiss cheese on chicken.  Continue cooking for one minute until cheese is melted.

Remove from oven and serve with your favorite vegetable, and top with lingonberries.


Heavy Cream                       4 C.                 8 C.                 12 C.

Milk 2%                                 4 C.                 8 C.                 12 C.

Chicken Base                       2.5 oz                        5 oz                7.5 oz

Cajun Seasoning                 ¼ C.                6 T.                 ½ C.

Garlic Powder                     2 T.                 ¼ C.                6 T.

Cayenne Pepper                 1 t.                  2 t.                  3 t.

Paprika                                  ¼ C.                6 T.                 ½ C.

Butter Melted                      2.5 oz                        5 oz                8oz

Flour                                      5 T                  10 T.               1  C.

Salt & Black Pepper

Combine cream, milk and chicken base in pot and bring to simmer.

Add seasonings and return to simmer

Meanwhile, combine butter and flour and cook gently until raw flour smell is gone and replaced by nutty aroma.

Whisk flour and butter mixture into cream mixture and heat until simmering and thickened.

Adjust seasoning with salt & black pepper.

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