Farley’s Restaurant Closing After Seven and a Half Years

Owners' other business, Lake Superior Catering, will remain open

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – Farley’s Family Restaurant is closing on August 1st after seven and a half years serving the community.

Owner Kelly Trumpold tells us the decision to close was very difficult but it will give him more time to spend with his family and focus on his other business, Lake Superior Catering, which will remain open.

Many of the Farley’s Family Restaurant employees will continue to work for the catering company.

“I have great customers that have been very loyal to me so it makes it difficult but on the flip side, I got three boys, I got a wife, my boys are five to ten years old and I’m not going to miss them grow up and I’d like to do the catering end, I like the creativity, so it made it a little easier knowing that I have a second chapter in my life that I can proceed onto,” said Trumpold.

Trumpold encourages all his customers to take the next month to use their gift certificates and coupons and enjoy Farley’s food for the last time.

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