“Families Belong Together” Immigration Rally Held in Duluth

The rally also collected donations to benefit the Immigration Law Center of Minnesota

DULUTH, Minn. – Hundreds of cities across the nation came together in protest against president’s trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy.

In Duluth, hundreds gathered to protest the policy that led to the children of illegal immigrants being taken into custody.

If these signs could talk, their voice would be heard loud and clear.

Duluth was one of the many cities throughout the country standing up against President Trump’s “zero tolerance policy” toward undocumented immigrants.

A policy that calls for the prosecution of anyone who enters the united states illegally.

As a result thousands of young children were separated from their parents and are being held in immigration detention centers.

“Who would like to have their children taken away?” said Community Organizer Susana Pelayo-Woodward. “What about if that was their children?”

This isn’t Kiett “Kit” Takkunen’s first rally and she says it was important to be present.

“I’m actually personally terrified at the direction our democracy is going right now,” said Takkunen. “So we just feel we need to stand up, speak out and resist any way we can.”

The Families Belong Together rally in Duluth brought out hundreds to the Minnesota Power Plaza and the rally had only been planned since Tuesday.

“It breaks my heart, because I know many of them are my fellow Latin Americans,” said Pelayo-Woodward. “People are leaving their home country, not by choice, not because they want to. they’re leaving because of fear and violence.”

Familias unidas, no dividas, which translates to families united, not divided is the message people in Duluth want to get across to others.

Takkunen was an elementary teacher for 35 years and says she’s passionate about children and their freedom.

“To see children, literally ripped from their mother’s arms and left alone in cages and then we’re hearing about how they have to go to court, a three–year–old in court, by themselves is inhumane,” said Takkunen.

Takkunen, like many others wants these families back together. Organizers say you can begin to help by taking action.

“I want to encourage anyone in our community to speak against hate, hate and fear; that we’re all human beings. that we all mean one, we all want the same for our children,” said Pelayo-Woodward.

On June 20  President Trump reversed the separation policy, but many children have yet to be reunited with their parents.

On Tuesday a federal judge issued a court order requiring federal officials to stop detaining parents at the U.S. border apart from their minor children and to reunify all parents with their children within 14 to 30 days based on their age.

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