Knowing Your Neighbors: KG Fireworks

South Range Fireworks, Safety Classes and $1,000 Fireworks Giveaway!

SOUTH RANGE, Wis. — In this weeks knowing your neighbors Brittney Merlot takes us to the South Range to ignite your adrenaline at KG fireworks warehouse.

KG is a must stop for firework fans as you drive down HWY 2 in Wisconsin. It’s been open for 7 years with some of the biggest selections of fireworks in the area. Stock ranges from bottle rockets to roman candles, fountains and even triple shot mortars.

“Our most popular thing is re-loadable mortars! 60 gram canister shells. Load em’, light em’ and they will go 200 feet in the air and 100 feet wide!” explained KG Owner Jason Deatherage.

If you are timid to ignite the big displays, they will train you how to safely set them off!

“It’s the most important thing to us is safety.” said Deatherage. “Being able to do what we are legally able to do… freedom of being able to celebrate with explosives but doing it in a safe manner so that we can continue to have that freedom to shoot off fireworks and celebrate the Independence Day!”

This is the first year that KG is doing organized workshops with all of the tips you need to light the sky safely.

The number one thing different about this firework shop is, “We have videos, we have two televisions screens that show what each of the items do.” explained Deatherage. “We have a big field out there and we demo stuff all the time too! I love setting them off for everyone to see!”

If that wasn’t enough, a special thing KG fireworks does to show they appreciate their customers is a $1,000 fireworks giveaway!

They are open everyday from 9am – 10pm through Saturday July 7th, “Bring home the BOOM!”

KG Fireworks Warehouse is located at 7549 County Rd E, South Range, WI 54874, (218) 461-0597

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